Florida sunrise (: I love my home.
Selfies at the park. Haha

When you only have one rolling paper left and you suck at rolling j’s.
I swear to god if you rip.

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"You’ve been rectemly salanded."

My dyslexia astounds me sometimes.


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No Children by The Mountain Goats on Spotify

Best break up song ever.

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I can’t stop laughing at my breakfast. It’s so creepy. And I’m so high.
My boyfriend is perfect. He made me a dream journal.
Yum yum
Chemdog. High life. It’s all for the taking. Haha
I love my cat more than people.

*me at home* Ughh this sucks!
*crawls in bed* Everyone sucks.
*sits in bathroom* No one ever asks me to go anywhere.
*opens fridge* And there’s never anything good to eat!
*opens fridge again* Damn.
*goes into room*

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Boredom kills