Chemdog. High life. It’s all for the taking. Haha
I love my cat more than people.

*me at home* Ughh this sucks!
*crawls in bed* Everyone sucks.
*sits in bathroom* No one ever asks me to go anywhere.
*opens fridge* And there’s never anything good to eat!
*opens fridge again* Damn.
*goes into room*

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Boredom kills
We smoke our spliffs to the dome. Burning fingers.
Hate today. Gonna choke people out with wieners at the hot dog stand.
Hahaha finally someone gets it.
Peace of mind
Am I cool now mom? Relaxing on a rainy day off.
  • My mom:just don't be doing coke and those Molly's. You're not doing those Molly's are you?
  • Me:haha no mom, I'm not doing the Molly's.
  • Mom:just stick to weed, okay?
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I live in paradise
I love my job haha
Mango (: