"What do you want for your birthday?"
“What kind of question is that? Weed.”

Two kids down at the coffee shop while I had lunch.

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My medicine. Kill me for not wanting to throw pills down my throat when I get ill. I’ll smoke my worries away.

Anonymous asked: You seem really awesome and I love the positive vibes you give off, such a beautiful girl :)

:DD thank you. That was honestly quite touching. I do what I can. Love is in the air, you just gotta spread it. (: 
Thanks a latte! 

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if eating raw cookie dough is wrong i don’t wanna be right

lol story of my life. 

I just want to be adored.
lol why. .
lol..I think I’m in love

So my boyfriend’s getting ready to cut the grass, picks up the leaf blower and was like “You might wanna leave”:…Thinking he was making a leaf pun, I started dying laughing. Then he got the lawn mower and proceeded to accidentally run over the newspaper making it explode all over the yard. lolol HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE. 

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